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Why I Chose a Historically Black College

By Skylar Mitchell
(Skylar Mitchell is a stu­dent at Spelman College.)

New York Times

April 1, 2017

I end­ed up apply­ing to near­ly 20 col­leges, and got into some great schools like Swarthmore, but Spelman kept pulling me back. I had nev­er met pro­fes­sors or col­lege admin­is­tra­tors who looked like me or who seemed so gen­uine­ly inter­est­ed in what I had to say. On a vis­it, I remem­ber sit­ting in on an ‘African Diaspora and the World’ class — a required course for fresh­men on racial for­ma­tion, col­o­niza­tion and cap­i­tal­ism — and not sec­ond-guess­ing myself before I spoke. I did not wor­ry that the class might think my ques­tions were ‘hyper­sen­si­tive’ or ‘hos­tile.’ When I was offered a full schol­ar­ship and a spot in the hon­ors pro­gram, I accept­ed imme­di­ate­ly.”

There is some­thing pow­er­ful about attend­ing an insti­tu­tion that was built for you. Most col­leges were built for white stu­dents, or at least, with only white stu­dents in mind.”

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Atlanta Student Going to Fisk in Fall 2019 is Interviewed on the Steve Harvey Show

Place cur­sor over each pic­ture to read its cap­tion.

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Birmingham Fisk University Alumni Help College-bound Students
Scholarship Jazz Brunch

Art Franklin
CBS 42
Posted: Apr 08, 2019 07:51 AM CDT
Updated: Apr 08, 2019 07:57 AM CDT

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Birmingham Fisk Alumni Association host­ed its annu­al schol­ar­ship jazz brunch to raise mon­ey to pro­vide finan­cial assis­tance to local stu­dents.

The event was at the Birmingham Marriott Hotel on Grandview Parkway on Saturday. Among those attend­ing the packed event were 11 stu­dents who have already received offers to attend Fisk University in Nashville.

One of them was a stu­dent by the name of Benjamin Holmes. He is a Woodlawn senior who has been accept­ed into 31 col­leges and earned more than one mil­lion dol­lars in schol­ar­ships. Holmes says Fisk is at the top of his list.

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